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Dan Meinke is a professional mariner with a lifetime's experience of local waters as well as the UK, North Sea and Mediterranean. He is a qualified Commercial Yachtmaster with qualifications in several areas of marine activity including First Aid. He is licensed and approved by the local Maritime Authorities and is fully insured. He is a recognised motor boat trainer and regularly carries out motor vessel deliveries. He is Managing Director of Bumblebee Marine Limited and a member of the Guernsey Young Business Group.




Josh Owen, our energetic First Mate, joined Bumblebee at the beginning of the 2014 season.

He has previously worked as an outdoor activities instructor, guiding visitors and locals safely through kayaking, climbing and coasteering experiences.

He has recently been in a Street Sport project, encouraging, and giving young people the opportunity to play sports and to enjoy a more active and healthy life style.  

He also has experience of working with children as a Snow Ranger.

He holds a BSc degree in Sport Exercise Science and Outdoor Studies.



Chris Meinke has set up and run diverse businesses over 42 years and has brought his organisational and marketing skills to the team. An experienced mariner and boat owner himself, he can often be seen crewing on Bumblebee. Much of the time, though, he's oiling the wheels behind the scenes whilst the Skipper and First Mate are out at sea. Chris is a Director of Bumblebee Marine Limited.



Bumblebee is a 9.6m twin diesel catamaran built in 2012 and fully equipped to MCA regulations for passenger carrying. She is fully insured and approved by the Guernsey, Alderney and Jersey authorities. As a catamaran she provides a more stable, comfortable and enjoyable ride than monohull vessels, whilst still offering an exhilarating turn of speed.

She is equipped to the highest standards with the latest electronic navigation aids, Radar and lifesaving equipment.

12 passengers can be carried in comfort and, when necessary, fully protected from the elements in the comfortable wheelhouse. 



Hospitality is the keynote of the Bumblebee service. Guests are welcomed by the Skipper and made to feel at home and comfortable. A full safety briefing is given at the beginning of each journey. In good weather there is ample space for guests to enjoy the sun and fresh air on the deck, whilst they can remain warm and dry in the wheelhouse when it's not so nice outside.

On certain trips, refreshments are served.


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Bumblebee Marine Limited is a dynamic Guernsey company which operates Bumblebee and Island RIB Voyages and which plans to diversify into a range of marine businesses.

The company is a member of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Guernsey Industry and the Guernsey Marine Traders Association.

At the end of its first season the Company was shortlisted for two awards in the Guernsey Awards for Achievement 2012.

In 2013 it was shortlisted for the Bill Green Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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