Bumblebee cruises for the disabled

We often host groups of people with physical disabilities and both adults and children with learning difficulties.

Bumblebee is available for charter for up to 12 passengers, which can be any mix of people and carers. There are always two crew on board.

We are able to take up to two wheelchairs on our outside deck without inhibiting movement for our other passengers.

Passengers who are able to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat will have plenty of assistance and will have no problem sitting inside in shelter or outside in the fresh air.


We have side doors 750mm wide permitting wheelchairs to be loaded without level change.

We normally time trips involving wheelchairs for high tide so that pontoon ramp gradients are at a minimum.


Full risk assessments have been undertaken and are available on request.

High side rails on the outer deck make it almost impossible to fall over accidentally.

Lifejackets are available for everyone. Wearing is optional but may be advisable for high-risk individuals and those who may have difficulty putting them on in an emergency.

A caring crew

Our friendly crew take time to make everyone feel welcome and at ease, looking after the passengers' needs throughout the trip.

Our cruises

We can tailor a cruise to suit your group's needs but you may wish to choose from one of our standard products -

Legends of the Coast

Travel around the East and South coasts to see hidden coves and secret anchorages. Enjoy the dramatic cliff scenery and learn about the island's rich history of privateers and smugglers, artists, forts and millionaires' mansions. We'll learn about the German occupation, too. Above all, just enjoy being out on the sea with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. 

Puffin Patrol (April - mid-July)

Between mid-March and the end of July these colourful and entertaining little guys come to our islands to breed. The Bumblebee team know just where to look and we'll get you up close. We'll even provide  binoculars for a better look.

On a gentle cruise on Bumblebee around the coasts of Herm and Jethou take in the stunning cliff scenery of chasms, caves and rock arches and see and learn about our wide variety of seabirds.

We go as close as we can to the cliffs where birds nest and feed, without disturbing the birds, so we see them in their natural state and habitat.

You'll also expect to see oystercatchers, shags, cormorants, gulls, egrets, fulmars, razorbills and guillemots, and many more.

Seal Safari

Our journey takes us close to Herm as we make our way up to rocky Grande Amfrocque where we hope to see the resident colony of Atlantic Grey Seals.

They're often just basking on the rocks, but there are usually a few in the water and you'll have to be quick to spot them. We get as close as we can without disturbing the animals.

On the way, you'll see lots of seabirds and maybe even the occasional dolphin.

We provide binoculars and bird recognition guides.


Each of these cruises costs £324.50 for exclusive use of the boat for approximately 1hr 15mins.

What to do next

Call us on 720200 or e-mail us on skipper@bumblebee.gg for a chat about your plans. We can also arrange for you to look over the boat when it's in port.


See the full review of Bumblebee on this disability guide here.

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