Charity - giving something back

Bumblebee works closely with several local charities. Here's what we've been doing

Alderney Cancer Relief

We usually have a stand at Cavalcade Day during Alderney Week and each time we have made a significant contribution to ACR's funds with the proceeds from a prize draw and face painting.

Channel Islands Air Search

We have supported Channel Islands Air Search on several occasions, with money being particularly important following the accident to their aircraft.

On one Liberation Day, we collected a substantial amount, with a prize draw on our stand, face painting and the untiring efforts of our wonderful Jack Sparrow lookalike. We have also contributed through our prize draw and face painting with a presence at the North Show

Lib Day 2014 Group

Children in Need

We have been pleased to support the BBC's Children in Need appeal with the offer of free use of the whole boat for a return trip to Herm for 12 people, which would normally cost £285.


We have been pleased to help the GSPCA on several occasions. We have collected at our Liberation Day and North Show stands with our prize draw and face painting

Bee Run

 We've also sponsored the GSPCA Bumblebee to take part in the Giant Animal Mascot Race at the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday. One one of these outings the Skipper wore the outfit in several races giving a memorable performance!

Dan GSPCA Award Feb 14

We were delighted to receive an award from the GSPCA at their 2014 AGM for our support with fund raising and the seal rescue.

The seal pup rescue

In November 2012 we were asked to help rescue a stranded seal pup form Jethou. We mobilised in 30 minutes from the call and were instrumental in saving the pup's life. He was brought back to Guernsey to be looked after at the GSPCA until he is ready to fend for himself in the open sea once again.


We were pleased to make a donation to the Alderney Lifeboat after they helped us out of a tight spot.

 RNLI Donation


St John Ambulance and Rescue


Our black and yellow gazebo usually comes out on Liberation Day. On one of these we ran a prize draw and face painting with all the proceeds going to St John, who had their inshore rescue boat on display next to our stand. We also ran some short experience trips and a firework cruise during the day, with a proportion of the ticket sales also going to St John.

Guernsey Cheshire Home

Jimmy Dan And Nic

Nic Mountain and Jimmy Ozanne, who work at the Guernsey Cheshire Home, had the brilliant idea of doing a Five Islands Walk to raise funds for the home. They walked around Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney. The Cheshire Home needs all the help it can get with annual running costs of some £450,000. Bumblebee was pleased to be able to help by providing free transport for the guys between Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney. 

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

We've working closely with them on developing our Puffin Patrols and in our first season made a donation to the RSPB for every passenger carried on these trips.




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