Bumblebee rescues baby seal

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On 23 November we had a call from the GSPCA at 1550 asking us to help rescue a distressed seal pup from Jethou.

It had been found stranded on the beach and was distressed and severely dehydrated. We were told he was unlikely to last the night if he wasn't rescued straight away.

By 1630 Bumblebee was in action and was alongside the quay picking up Steve and Geoff from the GSPCA.

Apparently the baby had become separated in the storms. He was given fluids and carried to the boat. Despite a tricky landing in Jethou in the dark we had him back in Guernsey by 1720.

He'll now be recovering for a few weeks at the Animal Shelter before going on to a seal sanctuary in the UK. This cute little fellow has been named Jethou Bumblebee.

We were delighted to be able to help.



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