Wednesday, August 01, 2012

About 10 days ago the bright little fellows decided it was time to move on. They'll spend the rest of the year at sea and they'll be back to breed in April next year. We've seen up to 60 at a time and witnessed the fledging of the young birds - first learning to fly then learning to swim.

All is not lost, though. We've replaced our Puffin Patrol with a Seabirds and Seals trip. This takes in some very close encounters with seabirds around the beck of Jethou and Sark and then makes its way north to the Grand Amfrocque colony of Atlantic Grey Seals, where we sometimes see up to 9 or 10 swimming or basking.

Oh.... and we've just bought some more binoculars so everyone gets a look. 

Join us on Seabirds and Seals soon.

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